Ferrograph Series 4.

Something of a classic among tape recorders, valve powered and built like a battleship; they date from 1959. Even today when the design is approaching its 50th birthday I have less trouble maintaining them than my modern machines.

I now have two of them because on 23rd February 1998 Mr Harold Checketts of Eckington, Worcestershire asked if I would give a good home to his recorder as he could no longer use it. I share a number of coincidences with his daughter Carole Checketts: we were both in the same year at Prince Henry's Grammar School, Evesham, our birthdays were on the same date and we were both born in the same place at the same time - the Maternity Dept. at South Bank Hospital, Worcester on 3rd August 1951!

Picture of Ferrograph Series 4.

Picture of Ferrograph Series 4.

General Specification and Costs of Ferrograph Series 4.

Detailed Specification of Ferrograph Series 4.

Circuit Diagram of Ferrograph Series 4.


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