Bournemouth Area - February 1967.

Bournemouth Central on 18th February 1967 at 10.49am - 75077 arrives with the up Poole - York through train.  Note the already extensive 3rd rail electrification, steam would finish in July 1967.

My parents married on 12th February 1948 and travelled down on the Pines Express to Bournemouth for their honeymoon. In the years after they would often try and have a break at Bournemouth around their anniversary as it also coincided with my mother's birthday on the 19th.

So not surprisingly there are lots of Bournemouth area films, photos and recordings from Februaries up to 1967.

The five recordings are:

A) 75077 leaving Bournemouth Central at 10.54am on 18th February 1967 with the Poole to York through train. It appears that Bournemouth shed were short of express motive power and resorted to a Standard Class 4 4-6-0.

B) 76006 ascending Parkstone Bank on the 11.25am Weymouth to London Waterloo.

C) 35007 Aberdeen Commonwealth & D) 35014 Nederland Line are both eastbound departures from Bournemouth Central in February 1967. They both demonstrate the characteristic slipperiness of Bulleid Pacifics on starting.

E) 35028 Clan Line leaving Bournemouth Central for London Waterloo on 18th February 1967 (showing how to do it without slipping). According to my late father's announcement 35028 is 14 minutes late, the timetable says departure was scheduled for 10.26am.

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