Upwey Wishing Well Halt, Weymouth - 3rd July 1966 & 31st May 1967.

Both Bincombe Tunnels are visible in this 1967 view from the closed (1957) Upwey Wishing Well Halt.

Whilst main line BR steam lasted until August 1968 it was never the same for me after SR steam finished in July 1967. I would sit on the top of the abutments of the first Bincombe Tunnel on summer afternoons and see steam train after steam train.

The five recordings are:

A) 45493 & 34002 ascending Bincombe Bank with the Green Arrow rail tour on 3/7/66.

B) 34008 ascending Bincombe Bank - 5.37pm 31/5/67.

C) 34021 ascending Bincombe Bank - 5.51pm 31/5/67.

D) 76005 ascending Bincombe Bank - 5.10pm 31/5/67.

E) 76007 ascending Bincombe bank - 5.00pm 31/5/67.

Click here to see the actual movie footage taken at the time of D) & E) plus a sequence of 76069 taken on the same day coupled to a BR1F tender.

Below is Eric Parker's diary for 31/5/67.

Weymouth Trip - 31st May 1967.Weymouth Trip - 31st May 1967.Weymouth Trip - 31st May 1967.Weymouth Trip - 31st May 1967.


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