Mystery Photos

Pictures Nos 1 & 2.

For my 4th Ian Allan photo book - Southern Scotland - I wanted to use these two photos taken by an old friend of my late father - Alan Maund of Worcester. Like my father, this friend passed on some years ago and I have been given use of this entire photo archive by his wife. Whilst some of the photographs are labelled and on others I can work out where they are, on these two I am completely stuck. I have spent hours and hours researching them, including following just about every possible line I can think it might be in Scotland on Google Earth - but with no luck!!

If you know the answer please send me a message via the 'contact us' section on the left of this page, it will be much appreciated.

Mystery Photo.Mystery Photo.

I think the photos date from 1960ish and that the loco is J37 64613 which was a St. Margarets engine.

Initially I thought it was 64618 from Thornton Junction but now think this is wrong.

Most of the wagons seem to be empty coal wagons.

There appears to have been some double track looking at the level crossing and the bridge.

None of the houses have TV aerials, so this place could be shielded from the Central Valley.

The line does have telegraph poles, so presumably isn't an NCB or similar line.

Those hills look very distinctive and surely those houses must still exist.

There appears to be a factory chimney or similar on the left of the panorama.

If you would like to know the answer to where the above two pictures are click here.



Picture No 3.

Any offers on the one below?

It was in a box together with another old aerial picture from the 1920s/30s which turned out to be Newton Stewart in Dumfries & Galloway, although this view doesn't look anything like rural southern Scotland to me!!!

Mystery Photo.

Thanks to John White of Lancaster I now know where this photo is, and if you would like to know the answer click here. Also included is an annotated version of the above picture from John labelling all the junctions etc.


Pictures Nos 4 & 5 (added January 2013).

Both of these photos were taken by an old pal of my dad's (Alan Maund), neither have the date or location. I keep feeling that I should recognise where it is, but have never succeeded. The loco is 46522 and looks to be pushing an inspection saloon or similar. If you have any ideas please give me an email via the 'contact us' link on the website.

Another mystery solved, and this time thanks to Michael Hitchen.

If you would like to know the answer to where the above two pictures are click here


Pictures Nos 6 & 7 (added April 2020).

Two more mystery photos taken by one of my dad's old pals, in fact the last surviving of all his railway friends from the 1960s - R.E. 'Ellis' James-Robertson. A number of his photos appeared in the railway press during the early 1960s.

Ellis has written on these two - 'Wales' . The adjacent photos to them date from 1955/56ish and are near Llynclys Junction, Oswestry. Whilst not of the greatest quality, I would love to know where they are. If you have any ideas please send me an email via the 'contact us' link on the website.

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