GWR Original Plans & Sections.

Whilst we were having some insulation put in our loft in about 2000 the assistant, and aged about 30, asked if I would like any more bits & pieces of railway memorabilia as his girlfriend had some she had inherited. It transpired that the girlfriend's late uncle, who worked in the Surveyor's Department of BR, had taken a lot of old records rather than seeing them destroyed. Most are GWR plans from around the beginning of the twentieth century up to the late 1930s.

The oldest are the actual plans submitted in the Parliamentary session 1854 - 1855 for the Rhymney Extension Railway. I have been told that the dark blue folder they are wrapped up in is the correct style used for the submission of plans for Parliamentary approval. They are, however, in extremely poor condition and each time I open them bits break off.

The principle exception is the GWR route availability map - this was given to my father by the shed foreman at Worcester at the end of steam working.

Most are very large stitched JPEG compressed panoramas.

GWR - Alterations to Dispensary at Swindon - May 1911.

GWR Plans & Sections - November 1903.

GWR Plans & Sections - November 1910.

GWR Plans & Sections - March 1911 (to be read in conjunction with the November 1910 plans).

GWR Plans & Sections - November 1926.

GWR Plans & Sections - November 1932 - Parliamentary Session 1932-33.

GWR Plans & Sections - November 1936 - Parliamentary Session 1935-36.

GWR Railway Act 1903 - Plans & Sections.

GWR Route Availability Map (From Worcester Shed).

GWR Water Tank - 17th August 1876 (Mixed Gauge Tracks).

Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway - Improvements & Branches - November 1854.

Rhymney Extension Railway (1854/1855).

Taff Vale Railway - 1883.

Western Region (BR), Gloucester Division, Early 1960s Bridge Register Covering Former MR Lines.

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