My father would always try and save our tickets, most ticket collectors being amenable to this despite it being their job to collect the used tickets as you left the platform.

A total surprise to me was that after my father's death in 1987, I discovered a dedicated album he had made with all my surviving special tour tickets in.

The entire Clemens ticket collection (plus two other ticket collections - A.J. Maund & D.C. Boyd) can be seen by clicking on the links below:

1 - Michael Clemens - Special Tours Ticket Album - as left to me by my father and comprising 62 tickets.

2 - C.N. 'Jim' Clemens - Special Tours Ticket Album - 85 Tickets.

3 - C.N. 'Jim' Clemens - Ticket Collection - mostly complete tickets and individually scanned - 531 Tickets.

4 - C.N. 'Jim' Clemens - Ticket Collection - mostly part or unused tickets and batch scanned - 457 Tickets.

5 - Alan Maund - Ticket Collection - including some rare examples - 27 Tickets .

6 - D.C. Boyd (brother of J.I.C. Boyd the famous railway author) - Ticket Collection - Isle of Man (IOMR & MNR) - 110 Tickets.

Quite often my dad would purchase tickets purely because of their rarity value, especially if closure was imminent, and they would not be used for actual travel. For example, a substantial proportion of those on the Ashchurch to Upton on Severn branch fall into this category.

All the tickets have been scanned at high resolution and they are freely down-loadable, if you do make use of the archive in this way and use the material elsewhere please give the appropriate credit - thank you, Michael Clemens.



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